Rules and Procedures

  1. We have four levels of obedience classes, Beginners, Novice and Intermediate and Advanced, and we offer a Confident Puppy Course.
  2. Beginner, Novice and Intermediate / Advanced courses run for a set period of 6 weeks. At the end of this course should you want to progress further, we have a standard passing out test. This is to keep the more advanced classes at a similar level of progress. Puppy School courses run for 4 weeks.
  3. We must stress that the Beginners class is a “train the owner on how to train the dog”. Many people feel that once a week the instructor can train your dog for you, this is not so. You have to learn how to train and handle your dog correctly, as with everything, practice makes perfect. The instructors are there to help you. Please feel free to discuss any problems with them. They are there because of their knowledge of and love for dogs, feel free to question as much as you like, but remember advice is only any good to anyone if it is put into practice.
  4. Your equipment, collar and lead must be in good order, sub standard equipment is not allowed.
  5. Please bring a plastic packet to training as, should your dog ‘foul the field’, it is your duty to pick it up. Should you not have a plastic packet, please ask a Trainer for one.
  6. A copy of an up to date inoculation certificate must be presented upon joining the club and on request thereafter. Should you fail to produce an updated inoculation certificate after being requested to do so you will not be permitted to train until you have complied.
  7. Fees are payable in advance. The cost is R400 per dog enrolled. The annual Dog Club membership per family is R200.This is payable at the onset. Should you be more than two weeks in arrears with fees, the Club reserves the right to terminate your membership.
  8. Lessons are not held on public holidays unless previously arranged with your individual trainer. If the lesson is to be cancelled the trainer will communicate this message via a whats app group. Please ensure that your personal information is kept up to date so that you are contactable in a case such as rain. Family members and children are welcome to watch but for their own safety they are not permitted onto the field while training is taking place. Also please don’t allow children to approach any dog that they are not familiar with. Handlers must be at least 12 years of age to handle a dog in obedience and/or puppy school.
  9. Beginner classes start at 17H45 and end at 18h30.
  10. Your dog must be on lead and under control at all times. Should your dog be transported to or from training on the back of an open bakkie, they MUST be secured so they can’t jump off. Ensure that they are secured in such a way that they aren’t able to jump over the side and “hang” over the edge.
  11. We cover all aspects of obedience in the beginner’s class such as walk to heel, sit, down, stay & recall. We also stress the importance of socializing (this is not necessary with regards to only other dogs but generally accepted “social” behaviour). An aggressive dog (towards people or other dogs) will not be tolerated. If the dogs behaviour is threatening others and you, as a handler are not taking adequate measures to curb this behaviour or if you are not correctly handling the situation by following the Trainers advice, we reserve the right to stop you from attending classes as aggression negatively impacts the other dogs on the field.
  12. Bitches in season are not permitted on the training field. Unfortunately if your bitch comes into season during the course, your course fee will not be refunded.
  13. Course fees are non refundable unless agreed upon by the Committee. Refunds will only be considered for exceptional and unavoidable circumstances.
  14. Your trainers are Lynne, Tanja and Carmen. Please feel free to approach them concerning any questions you might have.