Obedience courses run for six weeks. The Intermediate course is for all dogs (and owners) that have successfully completed our Novice course. If you and your dog have completed a Novice course with us more than three months ago or at another dog training school elsewhere in South Africa, we require you and your dog to successfully complete a short assessment (test) to ensure that you and your dog are at the same or similar level of obedience as the other Intermediate course participants before you are admitted to the Course.

To register, you and your dog, MUST have successfully completed the Novice Course first. (Pending sufficient Applicants) It is advisable to complete the application form below to register your dog for this course as soon as possible.

New course starting dates are advertised regularly on our website and on our Facebook page. It is necessary to book your place as numbers are limited. Please reserve your booking by completing the online registration form.
All dogs up-to-date vaccination certificates must be presented.
The Intermediate course content includes all aspects of precise off lead heelwork. Distance control including SIT, DOWN and STAND with either verbal commands or hand signals. Out of Sight STAYS . advanced Scent work. Fun Trick Training.

At the end of the course is an optional test and should you want to continue with training (at a more advanced level), you and your dog will need to successfully complete the test.

The next level after Intermediate Obedience is Advanced Obedience.

Each six week course costs R400 per dog. Club membership is R200 per annum, and this is a family membership. All fees are payable in advance.

We alternate venues for our INTERMEDIATE course. We attempt to do one course in Empangeni and the following course in Richards Bay but we also take into consideration where the majority of the course participants are from, with regards to the course venue.
Intermediate Training is either in Empangeni on a Monday night from 18H00 – 18h45 at the Empangeni, Christian School Fields, Louis Botha Avenue OR in Richards Bay on a Wednesday night from 18H00 – 18h45 at Richardia Primary School, 37 Via Richardia, Arboretum, Richards Bay.