Puppy School

It is advisable to complete the application form below as soon as possible to register your puppy for the next available Course as space is limited and the courses fill up quickly.

This course has vast content with subjects ranging from house training; correct nutrition; health care; separation anxiety; to fear phobias.

The most impressionable time in a dogs life is between the ages of 8 and 16 weeks. The experiences that the pup has at this stage of it’s life will directly influence the adult dog that it will eventually grow into.

If only more people were aware of this as they always approach us when their precious little pup has grown into a one or two year old brute weighing 60 kilograms that does not listen to them or has other behaviourial problems. If dog owners attended this sort of course when their pups were still tiny and easy to handle and learnt the basics of how their dogs think from the start, they need never attend another dog training course again (unless they wanted to compete in shows or do tracking, protection or agility work).

The duration of our puppy course is 4 weeks and we meet on Saturday mornings (weather permitting) at the Empangeni Christian School field in Louis Botha Avenue. The lesson is from 9 to 10 am. For more information, contact us.

Unfortunately at the moment this course is only offered in Empangeni, as we do not have a suitable enclosed venue in Richards Bay. Suggestions are welcome.

Each four week course costs R400 per puppy. Club membership is R200 per annum and this is a family membership which covers all the dogs in your home for one year. All fees are payable in advance.